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Color screen with threshold


The jit.altern object overlays a color screen onto incoming matrices. The original matrix values are revealed through "gaps" in the screen.

Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:1, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
out n/a 1 1 1 1 1 char long float32 float64

Information for Jitter Matrix Operator (MOP) messages and attributes to this object


Name Type g/s Description
bgcolor float The overlaid screen color alpha red green blue (default = 0. 0. 0. 0.) All values are in the range 0.-1.
colwidth int The width of the vertical band "gaps" in the screen. (default = 1)
ignore_zero int Alpha channel mode (default = 0 (include alpha channel))
0 = Luminance calculation includes the alpha channel
1 = Plane 0 is ignored and the luminance threshold calculation uses the RGB value
rowheight int The height of the horizontal band "gaps" in the screen. (default = 1)
thresh float The luminance threshold as an average of plane values (default = 0.) Input matrix values above this threshold are displayed as a grid of rectangular "gaps" between the overlaid horizontal and vertical screen stripes. Values below the threshold are displayed using the color specified by the bgcolor attribute.
xinterval int The spacing of "gaps" in the screen along the horizontal axis. (default = 1)
yinterval int The spacing of "gaps" in the screen along the vertical axis. (default = 1)

Information for box attributes common to all objects


See Also

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