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Create and modify and cubemap texture target in OpenGL


jit.gl.cubemap maintains a cubemap texture target in an OpenGL context. It has 6 inputs -- one for each face of the cube. Cubemaps are typically used to map an environment for material effects such as reflection and refraction.

Information for Jitter 3D Object (OB3D) messages and attributes to this object




bind Sets binding the cubemap to texture geometry.
unbind Unbinds the cubemap after a bind operation.


Name Type g/s Description
bordercolor float Sets the texture borercolor
edge_length int The length in pixels of a cube edge. Each face of the sube will be edge_length*edge_length in dimension.
filter symbol Filter applied to the texture.
matrix_name symbol (get) The named matrix to access (default = none)
mipmap symbol Texture mipmap style.
wrap symbol Texture wrapping mode.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


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