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Convert messages at scheduler time to low priority


The jit.qball object places all messages received at scheduler time in the low priority queue, even if overdrive is turned off. This is useful for event synchronization and/or graceful data rate reduction (e.g. drop video frames, or drawing commands in the event that they may not be rendered as fast as requested).




bang Equivalent to anything.
int Equivalent to anything.
float Equivalent to anything.
list Equivalent to anything.
anything Any message received at scheduler time will be placed in the low priority queue. When the low priority queue services this message, it will be sent out the left outlet. If the message received is being sent from the low priority queue it is immediately sent out the leftmost outlet.

If mode = usurp , and the low priority queue has not yet serviced the last received message, it will be replaced by the most recently received message.

If mode = defer , then the most recently received message will be placed in the low priority queue without affecting previously received messages.

defer For internal use only.
usurp For internal use only.


Name Type g/s Description
mode symbol The means of handling multiple messages prior to being serviced by the low priority queue (default = usurp)
usurp = multiple messages replace one another;
defer = multiple messages accumulate;

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