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Route QT audio into MSP


The spigot~ object grabs audio output from a jit.qt.movie object. Each instance of a spigot~ object should have its own name set by the name argument. Sound from other applications via spigot~ is not supported. The spigot~ object works with a sound file, exported and cached from a movie loaded in the jit.qt.movie object. This file is played in sync with the movie.


Name Type Opt Description
symbol The name of the spigot~ instance. Only one instance of spigot~ per name is permitted.


signal For internal use only.

Information for box attributes common to all objects

Usage Information

Jitter Object Methods: Although the spigot~ object itself doesn't have any useful methods, there are a number of Jitter library messages which can be used to control and get information about this caching process. All of these methods are sent using the standard "; jitter (message) (args)" form in a message box.


spigot_cache Set the cache location. Cached audio will be saved:
0 = next to the original movie
1 = in the user-domain common folder (default)
2 = in the system-domain common folder
3 = in the user's temporary items folder
(symbol) = in the folder specified by the symbol

On Macintosh, the user-domain common folder is "~/Library/Application Support/Cycling '74/spigot-cache/". On Windows, this folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Application Data\Cycling '74\spigot-cache\"

On Macintosh and Windows, the system-domain common folder is "(Cycling '74 support folder)/spigot-cache/".

The temporary items folder is typically invisible and inaccessible to normal users on both systems.

spigot_getcache Get the cache location. The cache location is sent to any receive object with the same name as the receiver argument, and is reported as a fully-qualified path.
spigot_locatecache Open the cache location in your OS's file browser.
spigot_purgecache Delete the contents of the cache, to the limit specified by spigot_cachesize. This method is called automatically every time jit.qt.movie opens a cached audio file, or every time the cache size is set with the spigot_cachesize method.
spigot_cachesize Set the maximum size of the audio cache in megabytes. A cache size less than 0 indicates that the cache should have no maximum size (default).
spigot_getcachesize Get the cache site. The cache size is sent to any receive object with the same name as the receiver argument.


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