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Send 1 or 0 out a specific outlet


decode acts as a hierarchical switchboard. The right inlet is the master switch, which can turn off (send 0 out) all outlets. The middle inlet is a submaster switch, which can turn on (send 1 out) all outlets, provided they have not all been turned off by the master switch. The left inlet can turn on one of the outlets exclusively, provided neither the submaster switch nor the master switch is active.


Name Type Opt Description
number of outlets int opt Sets the number of outlets. The default is one outlet.
number of outlets float opt Converted to int.


bang The message bang causes decode to output its current state.
int outlet-number [int]
In left inlet: The number specifies an outlet out to turn on, turning off all other outlets. (Whenever an outlet is turned on that was previously turned off, a 1 is sent out. Conversely, whenever an enabled outlet is disabled, a 0 is sent out.) The outlets are referred to by number, beginning with 0 on the left, and numbers received in the left inlet are automatically limited between 0 and the number of outlets minus 1.
  (inlet1) submaster-switch (0 or positive number) [int]
In middle inlet: Any positive number other than 0 enables all disabled outlets (sends a 1 out them), unless all outlets are disabled. When 0 is received, decode turns off all outlets except the one that had previously been on.
  (inlet2) master-switch (0 or positive number) [int]
In right inlet: Any positive number other than 0 disables all enabled outlets (sends a 0 out them). Once all outlets have been disabled in this manner, no outlet can be enabled until a 0 is received in the right inlet. When a 0 is received, decode re-enables all outlets that it had just disabled.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: When an outlet is enabled that was previously disabled, a 1 is sent out that outlet. When an outlet is disabled that was previously enabled, a 0 is sent out that outlet. The left outlet is initially enabled.


decode is a hierarchical on/off switch

See Also

Name Description
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