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De-prioritize a message


defer will defer the output of all messages sent through it to the lower priority main thread and is most applicable when using Overdrive mode.




bang Same as anything.
int integer to be deferred [int]
Same as anything.
float float to be deferred [float]
Same as anything.
list list to be deferred [list]
Same as anything.
anything message to be deferred [list]
If the message received in the inlet was triggered by a MIDI object (such as notein) or a timing object (such as metro or seq), and the Overdrive option is on, Max normally gives the message priority over activities that are not so critical in their timing (such as printing in the Max window). The defer object removes that special priority from a message, allowing it to be superseded by messages for which precise timing is more critical. This is useful for de-prioritizing time-consuming messages which may interfere with musical rhythm, or for messages to objects that may not function well with Overdrive on.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


anything: Same as the input.


Overdrive's priority given to MIDI or timing messages can be overridden with defer

See Also

Name Description
deferlow Defer the execution of a message (always)
uzi Send a specific number of bang messages