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Report information about the current Max search path


The filepath object is used in the File Preferences patcher to report and change the various folders Max uses to look for files at certain times. It can assist with managing search paths in the File Preferences patcher or manage paths specific to a single patch.


Name Type Opt Description
search-path-type symbol Obligatory. Specifies one of the Max search path types (search, startup, help, action, or default)
File-Preferences int opt A number greater than zero specifies a slot in the Preferences file. If the argument is 0 or no number is supplied, the path will not be saved in the Preferences file--you can use this feature to create temporary search paths for a patch. The action, help, and startup paths only have one slot. The search path can have up to 256 slots (normally there are about 8). The default path is never saved in the Preferences file.


bang A bang causes the currently saved path name(s) to be output as a list.
append folder [list]
The word append, followed by a symbol which specifies a folder, adds the folder to the list of paths (but does not save it in the Preferences file).
clear input [int]
Causes the currently specified search path to be cleared.
set pathtype [list]
The word set, followed by the name of a Max search path type (search, startup, help, action, or default), sets the current search path to the type specified.
revert Causes the pathnames to be reset to the last set of Max file preferences to be saved.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


symbol: The currently stored path name in response to a bang.


Use filepath to check your search path or temporarily set search path slots for a patch

See Also

Name Description
conformpath Convert paths of one pathtype and/or pathstyle to another
filedate Report the modification date of a file
Report information about the current Max search path
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