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List system fonts


fontlist outputs a list of system fonts and, optionally, their system identification numbers. It can be set to filter the list by font-family.


Name Type Opt Description
font-type symbol opt Font types (see above) may be used as arguments to specify font types the fontlist object will recognize.


bang Sends the names of all currently installed fonts (and, optionally, their ID numbers) out the fontlist object's outlet as a series of messages. The messages are formatted for use by the umenu menu display objects. The list begins with a single line containing the message clear, followed by single line messages in the form append font-name fontID-number. The font ID number is not displayed unless the mode flag is set.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


list: The fontlist object generates a list of installed fonts and, optionally, their system identification numbers.


See Also

Name Description
umenu Pop-up menu, to display and send commands