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Send remote messages to a variety of objects


forward relays messages to other objects remotely. Unlike the send object, the destination receive object of forward can be changed with each message.


Name Type Opt Description
receive-name symbol opt Sets the name for the receive object which will receive messages. This name can later be changed with the send message.


bang Performs the same as the anything message.
int input [int]
Performs the same as the anything message.
float input [float]
Performs the same as the anything message.
list input [list]
Performs the same as the anything message.
anything any message [list]
Sends any message to all receive objects which share the name currently referred to by forward.
send arguments [list]
The word send, followed by the name of a receive object, sets the destination for any subsequent messages received by the forward object. This ability to change the destination of messages on the fly distinguishes forward from the send object.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


anything: There are no outlets. A message (other than send) received in the inlet of forward is sent out the outlet of each receive object of the same name, even if the receive is in another patch.


Using forward to send messages to multiple objects at once... The same thing with two send objects... The message box can perform the same function

See Also

Name Description
message Send any message
pattrforward Send any message to a named object in the patcher hierarchy
receive Receive messages without patch cords
route Selectively pass the output out a specific outlet
send Send messages without patch cords
value Share a stored number with other objects