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Pop-up style hint text


When you mouse over a hint, you'll see a message appear on the screen below the area defined by the hint. The hint object has a number of messages you can use to change its appearance. In addition, you can select a hint object and set its font and font size using the Font menu, or use its Get Info... dialog to apply other settings.




int enable/disable-flag (0 or non-zero) [int]
A 0 will disable any hinting while a non-zero number will enable it.
float enable/disable-flag (0 or non-zero) [float]
Converted to int.
(mouse) When the cursor moves within the hint object's rectangle, its text message will appear in a colored area beneath the rectangle after the specified delay.
set message [symbol]
The word set, followed by any message, will replace the message stored in hint. This message will be displayed when the mouse is positioned over the hint object after an interval of time specified by the delay message.


Name Type g/s Description
delay int
Sets the delay in milliseconds until the hint appears.
enabled int
Toggles enabling display of hint text.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


message: The message stored in the hint object.


Provide optional hints to UI objects

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