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Receive messages from outside a patcher


inlet can be used within a patcher to receive messages from outside the patcher wherever it is embedded. Each inlet object in a patcher will show up as an inlet at the top of an object box when the patch is used inside another patcher (as an object or a subpatch). Messages sent into such an inlet will be received by the inlet object in the subpatch. A patcher can have a maximum of 250 signal inlets. The number of data inlets is a much bigger number than that.




(mouse) Double-clicking on an inlet object will open the parent patch or bring it to front.


Name Type g/s Description
comment object Sets the mouse-over Assistance message for the inlet. This value can only be set using the Comment setting in the inlet object's Inspector.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


anything: In a subpatch inlet sends out whatever messages it receives through patch cords from the patch that contains it.


Inlets of the subpatch... correspond to the inlet objects in the subpatch

See Also

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