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Colored background area


The panel object lets you create rectangular background panels for use in creating user interfaces. You can also create rectangles with rounded corners and shading which can also be used as buttons when used in conjunction with a ubutton object.




size width (pixels) [int]
height (pixels) [int]
The word size, followed by two numbers, specifies the width and height, in pixels, of the panel object. The default panel size has a width of 69 and a height of 57.


Name Type g/s Description
angle float
The word angle, followed by a floating-point number in the range 0.-359., sets the gradient angle of the panel display. The default is 0.
bgcolor float Sets the color of the panel in RGBA format.
border int
Sets the size in pixels of the panel object's border.
bordercolor float Sets the color of the panel border in RGBA format.
grad1 float Sets the color of the first color used in the panel gradient in RGBA format.
grad2 float Sets the color of the second color used in the panel gradient in RGBA format.
mode int Sets the display mode of the panel object.
0 Color: (the default) The object displays a single color panel.
1 Gradient: The object displays a color gradient whose properties are set by the grad1, grad2 and angle attributes.
rounded int
Sets the radius, in pixels for the panel object.
shadow int
Sets the size, in pixels for a "shadow" effect for the panel object. Positive numbers create a "raised" shadow effect, and negative numbers created a "recessed" effect. The default is 0 (no shadow).

Information for box attributes common to all objects

Menu Items

Name Description
Color Choosing the Color... menu item from the Object menu when the object is selected opens a color picker, permitting adjustment to the appearance of the panel object.


(visual): A colored rectangular background panel for use in creating user interfaces.


See Also

Name Description
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lcd Draw graphics in a patcher window
ubutton Transparent button, sends a bang