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Create pattr 'share points' and communicate between patcher hierarchies


The pattrmarker object associates a patcher with a global name, which can be used when looking up named objects. This permits, among other conveniences, name lookup and communication between two or more independent patcher hierarchies. The pattrmarker object provides the same basic functionality of the globalpatchername attribute of the patcher object.


Name Type Opt Description
global name symbol The name for the parent patcher of the pattrmarker object in the pattr global namespace.


getmarkerlist all [int]
Reports a list of all registered names in the pattr global namespace from the pattrmarker object's outlet, prepended by the word markerlist. These names are reported whether they were registered via pattrmarker objects or via the globalpatchername attribute of the patcher object. With no argument, or an argument of 0, the names of pattrmarker objects with the invisible attribute enabled will not appear in the reported list. With an argument of 1, all names, regardless of the invisible status, will be reported.
reveal global name [symbol]
Opens a view of the patcher referred to by the global name argument.


Name Type g/s Description
invisible int When enabled, the name of this pattrmarker object will not appear in the list reported by the getmarkerlist message.
name symbol The global name of the parent patcher of the pattrmarker object.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


See Also

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