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QuickTime movie play controller


Note: The playbar object requires that QuickTime be installed on your system. If you are using Max on Windows, we recommend that you install QuickTime and choose a complete install of all optional components.




bang If the left outlet of a playbar object is connected to a movie or imovie object, bang links the two objects together so the playbar can control the QuickTime movie. After playbar and movie are linked, any messages sent to the movie object which change its location or playing status are reflected in the playbar object. (Linking will happen automatically when a patcher file containing connected playbar and movie objects is loaded. Thus, sending the bang to playbar is only necessary when you're building a patch.)
(mouse) Clicking and dragging with the mouse can be used to start/stop a movie, rewind/fast-forward it, or to select a particular point in the movie.
loadbang Performs the same function as bang.
loop playback-flag (0 or non-zero) [int]
The word loop followed by a non-zero number will turn looping on; loop followed by a 0 will turn looping off.
palindrome playback-flag (0 or non-zero) [int]
The word palindrome followed by a non-zero number will turn palindrome-playback on (loop forward and backwards); palindrome followed by a 0 will turn palindrome-playback off. Looping must be turned on for palindrome-playback.
Note: the palindrome mode of playback does not work with the sfplay~ object.


Name Type g/s Description
hiderwff int
Hide rewind/forward controls

Information for box attributes common to all objects


(internal): Out left outlet: Once the playbar and a movie object are linked, the playbar controls the QuickTime movie. playbar only supports being connected to one movie object at a time. The connection must be made with a patch cord; it cannot take place via a send- receive pair.
int: Out right outlet: Each command processed by playbar is sent by number out its right outlet. A directory of command numbers and their meaning can be found in the QuickTime Standard Movie Play Controller documentation. By properly interpreting these commands, you can potentially use playbar for other purposes besides movie control. However, the "thumb" in the controller has no range until an associated QuickTime movie with a non-zero duration is linked to the playbar.


Using playbar with movie and imovie

See Also

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imovie Play a QuickTime movie in a patcher window