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Put one message at the beginning of another


prepend will prepend any input messages with the message stored as specified by its object argument (or set with a set message).


Name Type Opt Description
message symbol Obligatory. Sets the message to be prepended at the beginning of incoming messages. The first argument must be a symbol.


bang Same as the anything message (outputs the stored message followed by the word, "bang").
int input [int]
Same as the anything message.
float input [float]
Same as the anything message.
list input [list]
Same as the anything message.
anything input [list]
The message stored in prepend is attached to the beginning of the message received in the inlet, and the combined message is sent out its outlet.
set message [list]
The word set, followed by any message, will replace the message stored in prepend, without triggering output.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


anything: The message received in the inlet is combined with the message stored in prepend, and then sent out the outlet. The maximum allowed length of any constructed message is 256 items.


Symbols can be combined into meaningful messages with prepend

See Also

Name Description
append Append arguments at the end of a message
message Send any message
route Selectively pass the output out a specific outlet