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Configure parameters for standalone applications


The standalone object lets you set options for creating a standalone application from a Max/MSP patch, and is used in conjunction with the Build Application/Collective... item found in the Edit menu. You should only have one standalone object in your top-level patch.




Name Type g/s Description
allwindowsactive int Controls the initial setting of All Windows Active when the standalone is launched.
audiosupport int Causes Max to copy all audio drivers and other supporting files over to your standalone.
cantclosetoplevelpatchers int When selected, this option renders it impossible to close the top-level patcher in the standalone you build.
extensions int When checked, the contents of the Cycling '74 extensions folder (located in the Max application folder) will be included in your standalone.
midisupport int When checked, MIDI drivers and other supporting files required to use MIDI will be included in your standalone.
noloadbangdefeating int When a patch is opened, the action of the loadbang object can be disabled if you hold down the Command and Shift keys (Macintosh) or Control and Shift keys (Windows). When checked, this option will make your standalone always perform loadbang actions regardless of the state of the keyboard.
overdrive int Controls the initial setting of Overdrive when the standalone is launched.
preffilename symbol If you want to use your own preferences file to save default settings for your standalone application instead of the default Max Preferences file, you can specify the file name by entering it in the text box.
searchformissingfiles int When checked, Max will use the search path to look for files that are not included in the collective inside your standalone. The primary reason to disable searching for missing files is to test your standalone to see if it includes all the necessary files to work if you move it to another machine.
statusvisible int Toggles displaying a Status window (similar to the Max window) when you launch the built standalone application.
usesearchpath int When checked, the standalone will create a search path consisting of all subfolders of the folder containing the application. Leaving this option unchecked is primarily of interest to Mac users, who might wish to put their standalone into the Applications folder, but avoid the startup cost of adding all the subfolders of the Applications folder to the search path. On Windows, the application is inside its own folder, so there usually are an insignificant number of subfolders to worry about.

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