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Get a filename from a full pathname


strippath can be used with the output of objects such as dropfile and opendialog to remove path information. strippath also tells you whether the resulting filename is in the search path or not, so you can decide whether you should use the full path or just the filename.




anything absolute pathname [symbol]
An absolute pathname as a symbol. An absolute pathname looks like this:

"MyDisk:/Max Folder/extras/filename"

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: Out right outlet: If the file was found within the current Max search path a 1 is sent out the right outlet. A 0 is sent otherwise.
symbol: Out left outlet: The file name, with all path information preceding it removed.


strippath removes path information from a file pathname and leaves the name of the file

See Also

Name Description
absolutepath Convert a file name to an absolute path
conformpath Convert paths of one pathtype and/or pathstyle to another
dropfile Define a region for dragging and dropping a file
opendialog Open a dialog to ask for a file or folder
relativepath Convert an absolute to a relative path
savedialog Open a dialog to ask for a filename for saving