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Get pixel color at display coordinates


suckah allows you to click on the suckah to get the rgb color beneath it, or feed in any screen coordinates to get the rgb values of that pixel.

Note -- while [cmd]-clicking on the suckah when the patch is unlocked, the suckah sees itself.




list screen-location (x/y-offsets-from-upper-left (pixels)) [list]
A list of two integers specifying x and y offset values from the upper left corner of the screen will cause the suckah object to report the color at the specified screen location in RGB format.
(mouse) Clicking on the suckah object causes it to report the color of the pixel at the current mouse position to be reported in RGB format (i.e., as a list of three ints).


Name Type g/s Description
boundmode int
When enabled, the suckah object will only output color values within the bounds of the object's box. Coordinates outside of the object's bounds will be ignored.
compatibility int
Toggles the output of the suckah object in old-style integer values in the range 0-255 (0) or Max 5 0.-1.0 floating-point values (1).
outputalpha int
Toggles the output of 3-element RGB lists (0) or 4-element RGBA lists that include alpha channel values (1).

Information for box attributes common to all objects


list: A list of three ints corresponding to the RGB value of the pixel selected by using the mouse or in response to a list of x and y offsets will be sent out the suckah object's outlet.


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