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What's the time?


The when object lets you obtain the current time of a transport in ticks and bars/beats/units.




bang Equivalent to anything.
int any number [int]
Equivalent to anything.
float any number [float]
Equivalent to anything.
list any list [list]
Equivalent to anything.
anything any-message [list]
Any list or message causes the current time expressed in bars/beats/units to be sent out the left outlet, and the current time in ticks to be sent out the right outlet.


Name Type g/s Description
transport symbol The name of a transport object with which to associate. By default, the master transport is used.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


See Also

Name Description
metro Output a bang message at regular intervals
translate Convert between different units of time.
timepoint Output a bang when a transport reaches a specific time.
transport Control a master clock and report time values.