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Audio input and on/off


adc~ is the audio-to-digital converter for a signal-processing patch which can be used to route signal inputs from external devices or inputs into your patch. It can also be used to turn MSP's signal-processing on or off entirely.


Name Type Opt Description
number-of-inputs int opt You can create a adc~ object that uses one or more audio input channel numbers between 1 and 512. These numbers refer to logical channels and can be dynamically reassigned to physical device channels of a particular driver using either the DSP Status window, its I/O Mappings subwindow, or an adstatus object with an input keyword argument. If the computer's built-in audio hardware is being used, there will be two input channels available. Other audio drivers and/or devices may have more than two channels. If no argument is typed in, adc~ will have two outlets, initially set to logical input channels 1 and 2.


int on/off-flag (0 or non-zero) [int]
A non-zero number turns on audio processing in all loaded patches. 0 turns off audio processing in all loaded patches.
list input-channel-designations [list]
A list comprised of integers, sets the logical input channels for each signal outlet in order from left to right.
(mouse) Double-clicking on adc~ opens the DSP Status window.
open Opens the DSP Status window.
set logical-output-channel [int]
logical-input-channel [int]
The word set, followed by two numbers, sets the logical input channel for one of the object's signal outlets. The first number specifies the outlet number, where 1 is the leftmost outlet. The second number specifies the logical input channel (from 1 to 512). If the second number is 0, the outlet sends out the zero signal.
start Turns on audio processing in all loaded patches.
startwindow Turns on audio processing only in the patch in which this adc~ is located, and in subpatches of that patch. Turns off audio processing in all other patches.
stop Turns off audio processing in all loaded patches.
wclose Closes the DSP Status window if it is open

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The signal arriving at the computer's input is sent out, one channel per outlet. If there are no typed-in arguments, the channels are 1 and 2, numbered left-to-right; otherwise the channels are in the order specified by the arguments.


Audio input for processing and recording

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