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Create an impulse


click~ outputs an impulse which can be used as an impulse-trigger.


Name Type Opt Description
wavetable-contents (up to 256 floats between 0. and 1.0) list opt A list can be used to define the contents of a wavetable used for the impulse (see the set message). The maximum number of arguments is 256.


bang Sends an impulse out the click~ object's outlet. The default impulse consists of a single value (1.0), followed by a zero value.
set wavetable-contents (up to 256 floats between 0. and 1.0) [list]
The word set, followed by a list of floating-point values in the range 0.0-1.0, specifies a impulse (i.e., a small wavetable) whose length is determined by the number of list elements. The maximum size for the list is 256 items.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: An impulse.


Trigger an impulse signal

See Also

Name Description
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buffir~ buffer-based FIR filter
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