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Signal quality reducer


degrade~ takes any given signal and reduces the sampling rate and bit-depth as specified/desired.


Name Type Opt Description
resampling-frequency-ratio float opt The first argument sets the resampling frequency ratio, as described above. If this argument is not supplied, the default value is 1.0.
number-of-quantization-bits int opt The second argument sets the number of bits used to quantize the input signal. If this argument is not supplied, the default value is 24.


signal In left inlet: The signal to be degraded.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The output signal is the input signal after being resampled and quantized. Note that this object deliberately does not use any interpolation when resampling, nor any dithering when quantizing. It is intended for creating "low-fi" effects.

Note: Use caution when listening to the output of this object. Quantizing to a small number of bits can create very loud, noisy signals.


Change a signal's effective sampling rate and bit depth

See Also

Name Description
downsamp~ Downsample a signal
round~ Round an input signal value