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Soft-clipping signal distortion


The overdrive~ object uses a waveshaping function to distort audio signals. It amplifies signals, limiting the maximum value of the signal to +/- 1. Values outside of this range are removed using "soft clipping" somewhat like that of an overdriven tube-based circuit.


Name Type Opt Description
drive-factor float opt A single number can be provided to set the drive factor. If no argument is provided, the drive factor is set to 1.0.
drive-factor int Converted to float.


int drive-factor [int]
Converted to float.
float drive-factor [float]
In right inlet: The overdrive~ object accepts a floating-point "drive factor". The drive factor should usually be in the range 1.0-10.0. Using a factor of 1.0 creates a linear response without distortion, and higher values increase the distortion. Values less than 1, including negative values, produce very heavily distorted signals. Use with caution, this behavior was originally considered a bug until friends of the object's creator insisted that it should be considered a feature and left intact.)
signal In left inlet: the signal to be distorted.

In right inlet: the drive factor as a signal value.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The distorted signal.


Waveshape a signal similar to an overdriven amplifier

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