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Report intervals of zero to non-zero transitions


spike~ reports intervals of zero to non-zero transitions.


Name Type Opt Description
refractory-period (milliseconds) int or float opt Sets the refractory period.


bang A bang will cause the object to restart the countdown of the refractory period from the time at which the bang was received.
signal In left inlet: A signal to be analyzed. The spike~ object analyzes an incoming signal and reports the interval, in milliseconds, between transitions between zero and non-zero signal values. You can specify a refractory period, which defines how soon after detecting a transition the spike~ object will report the next instance.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


float: The interval, in milliseconds, since the last zero to non-zero signal transition has occurred (which includes the refractory period, if one is set).


spike~ reports how often a zero to non-zero transition occurs in its input signal

See Also

Name Description
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