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Freezing Attributes
Attribute names in the inspector reveals whether it is saved in a patcher. If the attribute name is printed in italics, its value is not saved with the patcher. Attributes of user interface objects such as color and size are always saved in the patcher. Attributes of non-user-interface objects such as metro and Jitter objects such as jit.qt.movie are not saved in the patcher. Before the frozen attribute feature existed, if you want to initialize these attributes to specific values when loading a patcher, you had two choices:
Frozen attributes offer an alternative to initializing attribute values. A frozen attribute has an assigned initial value, as if you typed it into the object box as an argument. After it is initialized, the attribute value can be changed, but if the patcher is saved again, its frozen value is stored in the file.
Freezing an attribute

Unfreezing an attribute

Note: if you duplicate objects with frozen attributes, the duplicated object will share the same frozen attribute values as the original, even though it may not share the same current attribute values.