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Managing Dependencies
Max analyzes the files your patchers use and automatically includes them when creating a frozen device. However, in some cases, you will have to tell Max about files your patchers use:
If a patcher's automatic file usage analysis is not sufficient, you can add files to a patcher as explicit dependencies using the Dependencies window. Once you specify an explicit dependency, it will be saved with a patcher and included every time you save a frozen device with that patcher. Files that are automatically included with a patcher - implicit dependencies - can also be managed in the Dependencies window.

Adding a File as an Explicit Dependency

Removing an Explicit Dependency
Showing Object Dependencies
By default, Max external objects are not listed in the Dependencies window, because in most cases they are handled automatically for you. Objects included with a standard Max installation are never included in frozen devices. Objects created by third parties are always included.
Showing Dependency Sources
The Source column of the Dependencies window indicates the patcher(s) that use each file.