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Pluggo for Live
Max for Live includes a collection of Audio devices and Instruments derived from Cycling '74's Pluggo plug-in collection. This subset of the original Pluggo plug-ins are full-fledged Max for Live devices, and will provide both hours of signal-mangling fun and also interesting examples of various approaches to plug-in design.

Finding the Pluggo for Live devices
Each plug-in folder contains the plug-in itself, which can be identified by its double-arrow icon
Every Pluggo for Live plug-in also includes a number of device presets. These presets appear below the icon for the device itself.
These devices can be loaded and may be used as templates for further device development as with any other Max for Live device
Note: Device presets are frozen and must be unfrozen before they can be user-edited. The device itself can be edited, although it is suggested that you create presets or save a copy of the device when working with the original.

Pluggo for Live Audio Devices
Pluggo for Live Instruments