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The Object Palette
The Object Palette displays all the icons for user interface objects and lets you select the one you want. Choosing one creates a new object of the type you specify in your Patcher Window.
You can use the Max Preferences Window to set the Object Palette's color and transparency.

Viewing the Object Palette
You can also type the letter "p".
The Object palette displays icons for the objects available to you in Max. The precise makeup of the Object palette will vary based on what objects you have installed (Max/MSP, Max/MSP/Jitter, etc.), but the objects are listed in alphabetical order.
Use the arrow keys on your computer to select object icons, or type the name of an object to select its icon.

Finding out about an Object Palette icon

Viewing prototypes in the Object Palette

You can use the Object Palette's category selector tabs to view a subset of the icons presented to you.
About the category selector tabs:
All shows all the objects available
Recent shows you a group of the Max objects you have selected from the Object Palette recently. This grouping changes as you continue to use Max.
Basic lists a small subset of Max objects that you'll probably use most often
Sliders shows you the slider-based UI objects available for your use.
Buttons shows the button-based UI objects
Interface shows a number of objects used when you create more complex user interfaces
Data shows some user interface objects used for data storage and retrieval.
Audio shows the user interface objects used for MSP
Image shows the user interface objects used for image manipulation and movie playback.

Viewing object categories
You can use the tab key to select the tab for an object category.
To see all of the object icons again, click on the All tab.

Closing the Object Palette