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Presentation Mode
Presentation mode allows you to arrange and resize user interface objects in your patch independently of their functional position and size in patching mode (where you connect objects together). Because you cannot "patch" in presentation mode, it is possible to provide an editing experience closer to a typical object-oriented drawing application.

Switching between Patching and Presentation Modes

When a patcher is in presentation mode, the Presentation Mode button in the Patcher toolbar will turn pink and the word (presentation) will appear in the title bar of the Patcher window to indicate that you are in presentation mode
Adding objects to the presentation
A translucent red border will appear around the object(s) you have selected.

Repositioning objects in presentation mode
When you return to patching mode, any objects you have repositioned will move back to their functional patching location.

Resizing objects in presentation mode
In presentation mode, selected objects have resizing handles. If an object can be resized in a horizontal or vertical dimension, the resizing handles will be enabled.

Configuring a patcher to open in presentation mode