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The file browser shows you files that meet certain criteria you specify in a query. Unlike a traditional directory listing, the files are not normally organized by where they are on your hard drive, but by more useful properties such as file type, name, or date. The file browser is more like a search engine than the Finder or Windows Explorer.
Searching for files by name
When searching for a file by name, you can start with an existing query and narrow down the results with the name you type, or you can search among all of your files.
As you type, results will appear that contain all or part of what you've typed.

By entering text to use for searching, you've defined a new query. You can easily add other criteria to your search.
Adding criteria to a query
Types of search criteria
Saving a query
The icon for your saved search is colored to indicate that it can be updated (the grey icons indicate that the search results are read-only and cannot be changed).