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Sharing Patches
Max patcher files are in a text-based format, so they are easy to share. You can copy all or part of a patcher to the clipboard, then paste it into an e-mail message. You can also receive e-mail messages with patchers, copy them to the clipboard, and paste them into Max.
Copying a patcher into an e-mail message

Copying a patcher into an e-mail message in compressed format
Max offers a compressed text format for copying patcher data to the clipboard. This may be useful when posting excerpts of a patcher on a public forum or mailing list. The text is "unreadable" but will be a small fraction the size of the usual text format.

Opening a patcher from an e-mail message
Max can create objects from text on the clipboard in the old Max 4 text format, the Max 5 format, or the compressed format.