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Mac Platform Information for Standalone Applications
Max builds universal binary standalone applications on the Mac. The standalone is an application package, which is also a folder that looks like a file in the Finder. Double-clicking on the file's icon launches the application.
Examining the contents of a Mac standalone

YourApplication.app [ note: the .app is not shown in the Finder ]
TABSTOPContents [ folder ]
TABSTOPTABSTOPFrameworks [ folder ] – needed for external object support
TABSTOPTABSTOPInfo.plist [ copied from your Info.plist if included in a collective build script ]
TABSTOPTABSTOPYourApplication.mxf [ collective containing your patches ]
TABSTOPTABSTOPTABSTOPYourApplication [ actually the Max/MSP Runtime executable ]
TABSTOPTABSTOPsupport [ folder ] – audio and MIDI support files
TABSTOPTABSTOPResources [ folder ]
TABSTOPTABSTOPTABSTOP[ custom icon file goes here ]
Including Jitter shader components in your Mac standalone application

Including Java components in your Macintosh standalone application

Adding a custom icon for a Macintosh standalone application
In some cases, you may need to log out and log back in again before the standalone’s icon will show up.