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ReWire and Standalones
ReWire and standalone applications
When you build a standalone application using Max/MSP you can use the ad_rewire driver in your standalone and it will create an ReWire Device that works independently of Max/MSP and other Max/MSP-created standalone applications.

Using the ReWire driver with a standalone application

The file msprewire.config contains two lines that specify the name that ReWire will use for the device and the number of audio channels. By default, the ReWire Device will take on the name of your application and will have 16 channels. You can edit this file to change the behavior of Max/MSP or your standalone. You can customize this by editing the msprewire.config file in the support/ad folder for your standalone. Note: This file doesn’t exist until the default one is created the first time you launch your standalone and choose ad_rewire in the DSP Status window.