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Entering text and special characters in Max 5
Max 5 has introduced some changes to make it easier for people to type what they mean into a message box. These changes mean that you can enter certain "special" characters into a max object box (such as sprintf) or a message box more easily.
All Max objects and message boxes use the same rules - If you want to type a comma or semicolon, it must be escaped or quoted. This is true regardless of whether or not the comma or semicolon is enclosed in quotation marks.
Special characters in older (imported) Max patches
When you open a patch created with an earlier version of Max and import it, Max will change the contents of the message or object box to reflect the old way of doing things in order to remind you of your original intent. automatically convert escaped text into quoted text; If it is not quoted or escaped, the it works just as it did with earlier versions of Max.