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jit.pix Reference

Generates Jitter mop pixel processing objects from a patcher.



The jit.pix object generates new Jitter mop objects from gen patchers specifically for pixel processing. The patcher describes how each cell of a jit.matrix should be processed. jit.pix is exactly the same as jit.gl.pix except that all processing happens on the CPU as with standard Jitter mop objets. jit.pix always outputs a 4-plane matrix.


Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:-1, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
out n/a 1 1 1 1 1 char long float32 float64

More about Matrix Operators

The Jitter MOP

MOP Arguments

MOP Attributes

MOP Messages


dirty [int]


Gen patcher dirty flag

gen [symbol] (default: )

The name of a .genjit gen patcher to load

precision [symbol] (default: auto)

Gen patcher kernel precision

Possible values:

'auto' ( Auto-choose precision )
Automatic precision mode will pick a precision based on the type of the input matrices.

'fixed' ( Fixed point precision )
Fixed point precision uses fixed point arithmetic, a technique for performing floating point operations with integers.

'float32' ( Floating point precisions (32-bit) )
'float64' ( Floating point precisions (64-bit) )

t [symbol]

Gen patcher title

title [symbol]

Gen patcher title

Common Box Attributes



Set parameter values in the Gen patcher


Drag and drop a .genjit Gen patcher


Compile the Gen patcher


Double-click to open gen patcher window


Destroy the currently compiled Gen patcher


Open the Gen patcher window


Set a parameter of the gen patcher.


Close the Gen patcher window

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