A newer version of Max is available. Click here to access the latest version of this document.

The Collections Toolbar Browser

Max lets you create and work with Collections - a kind of virtual file folder where you can store groups of patchers, media, saved searches, and any other kind of Max resources you might want to group together for convenience. You can create a collection and add files to a collection using the Max file browser.

The Collections toolbar browser lets you access and use the different kinds of data collections you create and to patch using those collections.

Displaying/Hiding the Collections toolbar browser

  • Click on the Collections button in the left patcher window toolbar to display the Collections toolbar browser.

Clicking on the Collections button when the toolbar browser is displayed will close the browser window

Exploring files using the Collections toolbar browser

  • A listing of all the collections appears on the left-hand side of the toolbar browser, one line for each collection. Click on the name of a collection to display a list of the collection's contents in alphabetical order.

  • Type a word into the Collections toolbar browser search bar, and the browser will display files whose titles are filtered according to your search term in the Collection you've currently selected (note that searches are case-sensitive).

Patching from the Collections toolbar browser

  • Click on a filename in the Collections toolbar browser to select it and drag the selected item into the unlocked patcher window. The file will be copied into the patcher window. The form the copied resource takes will vary according to what kind of file it is (i.e. plug-in, media file, gen file, patcher or snippet, etc.

Note: You can also hold down the option key and click and drag files into a locked patcher window.