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Audio Effect Tools

In addition to the Max for Live example devices, the Max for Live Building Tools Live Pack contains a set of fully functional Audio Effect devices that provide examples of various kinds of operations and processes. You can use these patches in series in your Live Session, or edit and recombine them to make your own devices.

Live Suite owners can download this Live Pack by choosing Your Account > Your Packs when logged in to the Ableton website and clicking on the download button to the Live Pack. To install the Live Pack, double-click on the .alp file

Finding the Audio Effect Building Blocks

  • After you have installed the Live Pack, click on the Packs button in Live's File browser to display the list of currently installed Live Packs. In the column to the right, click on the arrow to the left of the M4L Building Tools folder to show the Live Pack contents.

Audio Effect Tools Overview

  • Max AutoFilter: One-band filter controlled by signal envelope following
  • Max AutoRingMod: A ring modulator controlled by signal envelope following
  • Max CombFilterMulti: Five comb filters in a single device
  • Max Compressor: A stereo compression object
  • Max CutKiller: A signal hacker based on the CutHacker Building Block that can be synced to Live's transport
  • Max DelayMultiBand: A "double" shelving filter and 3 delay lines
  • Max DelayTaps: Up to 32 delay taps
  • Max DopplerPan: A Doppler effect synced to Live's tempo
  • Max EffectMatrix: Multiple effects in a single device
  • Max EnvelopeFollower: Envelope following/smoothing/mapping
  • Max EqGraphic31: A 31 band graphic equalizer
  • Max EqParametric4: A four-band parametric equalizer
  • Max EqShelving: A "double" shelving filter
  • Max SignalAnalyzer: A Fast Fourier Filter Bank signal analyzer similar to Live's Spectrum device
  • Max SpectralDelay: An FFT-based delay line
  • Max SpectralHarm: An FFT-based frequency shifter

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