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MIDI Effect Building Blocks

The Max for Live Building Tools Live Pack contains a set of fully functional Audio and MIDI effect devices that provide examples of various kinds of operations and processes. You can use these patches in series in your Live Session, or edit and recombine them to make your own devices.

Live Suite owners can download this Live Pack by choosing Your Account > Your Packs when logged in to the Ableton website and clicking on the download button to the Live Pack. To install the Live Pack, double-click on the .alp file

Finding the MIDI Effect Building Blocks

  • After you have installed the Live Pack, click on the Packs button in Live's File browser to display the list of currently installed Live Packs. In the column to the right, click on the arrow to the left of the M4L Building Tools folder to show the Live Pack contents.

Overview of the MIDI Effect Building Blocks

  • Max ANotePlayer : a utility that functions as a keyboard
  • Max Humanizer : Each incoming MIDI note is delayed a random amount of time.
  • Max NoteScalar : Some examples of different ways to fill a table object in order to scale incoming MIDI notes
  • Max PitchScalar : The behavior of this device imitates the behavior of Live's Scale MIDI effect
  • Max SimpleEcho : Repeat a MIDI note with decreasing velocities

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