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The Objects Toolbar Browser

The Objects toolbar browser provides another way to explore the Max external objects available to you in a quick and efficient manner. You can view Max, MSP, and Jitter objects by name or functional groupings, get information about objects, and patch from the browser.

Displaying/Hiding the Objects toolbar browser

  • Click on the Objects button in the left patcher window toolbar to display the Objects toolbar browser.

Clicking on the Objects button when the toolbar browser is displayed will close the browser window

Exploring Max objects using the Objects toolbar browser

  • Type a word into the Objects toolbar browser search bar, and the browser will display Max objects filtered according to your search terms.

  • Click in the Show Math Operators checkbox to display Max, MSP, or Jitter math operators. Unchecking the box will hide the operators' display again.
  • Click on the text or the menus below the Math operators checkbox to display a narrower list of objects (i.e. clicking on Max for Live will display only Max for Live objects). again.

  • Click on the up or down arrows to the left ot the Max, MSP, and Jitter listings to show a menu that further organizes Max, MSP, or Jitter objects by their function (e.g. MSP delays). again.

Getting information about an object

  • When you click on a listed object in the Objects toolbar browser, it will be selected and a description of the object's function will be shown in the browser's display area.

Patching from the Objects toolbar browser

  • Click on a file in the Objects toolbar browser to select it and drag the selected object into the unlocked patcher window. A copy of the Max object will appear in the patcher window with the text cursor enable, and the autocompletion menu visible. You can proceed with patching or modifying your object as you normally would.

Note: You can also hold down the option key and click and drag files into a locked patcher window.