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Editing Text in a Patcher

Selecting and editing text objects in a patcher should be a familiar process. There are a few preferences for customizing patcher editing, but below we describe the default behavior.

Max uses the following rules for selecting text in an unlocked patcher:

  • A single click on a box select the entire box – the object itself. This means that you can easily perform tasks such as copying objects or moving them.
  • Double-clicking on a box will select the text for editing. So will clicking on a box that is already selected.
  • Clicking and dragging around a box to select it does not select the text inside for editing.
  • You can use the Enter key to enter and exit text editing mode for a text object. The Tab key will exit editing mode and deselect the box. The Enter key will select the entire box, so you can move it around, copy it, etc..