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Editing Files in a Project

To edit a patcher or text file from a Project, double-click on the file's name in the Project window. The patcher will be opened, or a text editor will be presented for editing. Alternatively, right-click on the file's name in the Project window and choose Open from the contextual menu.

At this time, only files which can be editing directly in Max will be opened. Non-native files, such as media files, will ignore attempts to open them.

The editing environment for patchers in Projects is identical to the normal patcher window, with one addition: the "Show Containing Project" button in the toolbar. By clicking this button, you can easily switch back to the Project window. It's also a good visual cue that you're editing within the Project environment.

At this time, only patchers and other documents (e.g. JavaScript files) opened from a Project are Project-aware. While you can open and edit a patcher directly from your hard drive, you lose all advantages of the Project's search path management, so some dependencies may be found in the wrong location (globally rather than project-locally), and some may not be found at all. For this reason, we suggest that you adopt a workflow which centers around the Project window, rather than from the Finder/Explorer.

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