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Project Settings

To open the Project Inspector, click on the "gear" menu in the Project window toolbar and choose Project Inspector:

The following settings are available:

  • Always Localize Project Items: When enabled, files added to a Project will always be copied to the Project's folder before being included in the Project. (default = off)
  • Hide Project Window After Opening: When enabled (and only if the Project contains patchers which are marked "Open on Project Load"), the Project window will not be visible after the Project opens. You can open the Project window later by click on the "Show Containing Project" button in the patcher's toolbar. (default = off)

  • Keep Project Folder Organized: When enabled, files in the Project's folder are automatically sorted into appropriate subfolders based on the file's category (e.g. "Patchers", "Code", "Media", etc.). It is recommended that you leave this setting enabled, but you can disable it if you don't want the Project to manage files in this fashion. (default = on)
  • Show Patcher Dependencies: When enabled, implicit dependencies are displayed in the Project window. (default = on)

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