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The Snippets Toolbar Browser

The Snippets toolbar browser provides quick and efficient access to snippets. Snippets are patcher files that contain something you use often and don't want to have to constantly re-create as you work. The snippets toolbar browser lets you keep track of snippets you create, and to patch directly from the toolbar browser.

Displaying/Hiding the Snippets toolbar browser

  • Click on the Snippets button in the left patcher window toolbar to display the Snippets toolbar browser.

Clicking on the Snippets button when the toolbar browser is displayed will close the browser window

Exploring files using the Snippets toolbar browser

  • You can use the View by Preview and View by Name buttons in the Snippets toolbar browser to select how snippets are displayed. The Max application will remember your preference and display it when you close and re-open the Snippets toolbar browser.

  • Type a word into the Snippets toolbar browser search bar, and the browser will display audio files whose titles are filtered according to your search terms.

  • When you are displaying snippet previews, it may be difficult to tell what a snippet does. When you hover over a snippet preview or click on the preview in the Snippets toolbar browser to select it, the name of the snippet will be displayed.

Patching from the Snippets toolbar browser

  • Click on a filename or a preview box in the Snippets toolbar browser to select it and drag the selected snippet into the unlocked patcher window. The snippet's contents will be copied into the patcher window.

Note: You can also hold down the option key and click and drag files into a locked patcher window.