midinotecontroller Reference

MIDI note controller



midiin [number]

MIDI input stream


midiout [number]

output midi messages sent to proper target(s)

Fixed Attributes

These attributes must be set in the object box and determine the behavior of the object at runtime.

polyphony [int] (default: 1)

Polyphony, aka number of voices to control.

Dynamic Attributes

These attributes can be modified in the code during execution using the set object

currenttarget [number] (default: 0)

receive currently active target from attached patcher

midiin [number]

MIDI input stream

mute [list] (default: 0,0)

sends mute message to voices

noteNumber [number] (default: 0)

sends note number

reportnotes [bang]

for develop and debug

reset [bang]

reset will stop all playing notes and clear state

target [number] (default: 0)

controls which target should receive future messages

voicestatus [list]

receive voice status information