Working with Projects, Max For Live Devices, and Standalones

Node for Max and Projects

Projects are a great way to organize and structure your work in Max. In any situation where the patching you’re doing includes lots of different resources (patchers, samples, and data files), a project can be especially useful.

You can include Node resources in Max projects, as well. If you wish. If you want to export content from your Max patching for frozen Max for Live Devices, Standalone applications, or Max Collectives, it will be necessary to do so.

Node and Max can sometimes disagree about how folders should be organized. When you work with Node resources in the context of a Max project, you should follow these best practices:

  1. Make sure to disable “Keep Project Folder Organized”. If you do not do this, Max will try to move JSON resources into a “data” directory, and to move all .js resources into a “code” directory.

  2. Give your JavaScript resources unique names. While it is tempting and common to call a JavaScript file something like index.js, this can cause conflicts due to the flat path structure that Max uses if there are multiple files called index.js elsewhere in Max’s search path. If Max detects such an issue, you’ll see a warning in the Max console.

Exporting a Standalones and M4L Devices with Node for Max

To create standalone Max applications and Max for Live devices, see the walkthrough at this forum link:

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