Help Files

Help Files

Every object in Max (except Gen operators) has a help file. Help Files are interactive patches that demonstrate how an object works. Depending on the complexity of the object, there might be multiple tabs at the top of the help file, where each tab demonstrates a different function or application of the object. Click on the tabs to see the corresponding patches. The final "?" tab serves as a quick way to open the object's reference page and any related documentation.

In many cases, help files include numbered steps explaining how to interact with the patch.

Since help files are Max patches, you can easily copy/paste any part of the patch. Simply unlock the patcher, select the section you want to copy, go to Edit > Copy, then paste it into a different patcher window.

To access an object's help file, you can either right-click (ctrl+click) on the object in an unlocked patch and select "Open ... Help", or click the "Open Help" button from the object's reference page.

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