About Object Reference Pages

About Object Reference Pages

Every object in Max has its own reference page. This page serves as a manual for the object, explaining what the object does and how to control it with arguments, attributes, and messages. A typical reference page includes:

    Object Name

  • The object name and a brief description of what it does.
  • Help File

  • A button to open the object's help file.
  • Description

  • A more detailed description of what the object does.
  • Example

  • A small example of how to use the object. Hover over the example with your mouse and click the "copy" button to copy the patch to your clipboard. You can then paste it in a different patcher.
  • Discussion

  • If more information is needed about how the object functions, a "Discussion" section is included in the reference page. Not all reference pages include this section.
  • Arguments

  • Arguments you can type in after the object's name. Arguments set the initial state of an object.
  • Attributes

  • Attributes, which are settings or properties that tell the object how to do its job.
  • Common Box Attributes

  • Attributes that are common to all objects.
  • Messages

  • Messages you can send to the object. Messages tell objects what to do.
  • Output

  • Output the object produces.
  • See Also

  • Other related objects and documentation. This list is also available via the "?" tab in an object's help file.