The purpose of Tutorials is to introduce certain concepts and techniques, and describe how to implement them in Max. Tutorials are arranged like a logical lesson plan where Tutorial #1 is followed by Tutorial #2 and so on. Tutorials are designed to be read within Max so you can experiment with the patch that accompanies the text. At the top of each Tutorial is an Open Tutorial link that you can use to open the accompanying patch. Please note that this link is not available in the online Documentation.

There are many ways to access Tutorials. You can navigate to the Documentation home page, expand the section (Max, MSP, Jitter) you want to learn about, then click on "Tutorials".

You can click the File Browser button in the left patcher window toolbar. Then, under the File Browser sidebar, you will see an icon for Cycling '74 Content. Click on that icon and navigate to the Tutorials submenu.

Or you can use the links below:

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