Dragging Attributes

Dragging Attributes

One way to create a attributes is you can drag names out of the inspector. Here's how.

Creating a attribute from the inspector by dragging

  • Position the inspector window so that you can see part of the patcher where you want to create a attribute box.
  • Click on an attribute name and drag it into the patcher window.

  • If you want to connect the attribute box to an object, release the mouse button when the attribute is on top of an object box.

  • If you just want to put the attribute box in the patcher so you can connect it yourself later, release the mouse button where you want the attribute to be created.

  • If you want the option of creating an attribute with the value from the inspector, a message box with the attribute or an attribute with the current value, hold down the Option key when dropping the dragged attribute from the inspector to see the following menu pop up