External Text Editor

External Text Editor

Max allows you to use your favorite text editor for selected operations. Editing Javascript, saved coll instances or stored text files can be done using Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio or any other editor that meets your needs.

Choosing an External Editor

  • In the Max Preferences, turn on the “Always use External Text Editor” option in the Interface section.
  • This will use the Operating System’s “Open With…” default for the opening file-based content.

Using the External Editor

  • For object items that can be selected, you can use an external editor by selecting the Open with External Editor option in the File menu.
  • You can also choose the “Show In Finder” option to have the operating system show the file; from there, you could open or manipulate the file with any tools you have available.

Choosing a Specific Editor

If you wish to select a specific text editor, click on the Choose button to show a file dialog. Select the application that you want to use any time file-based text is to be edited.